Face Cupping - Why Your Face Will Love It

Face Cupping increases microcirculation and subsequently helps boost collagen & elastin production which results in improved skin texture and glow.

By stimulating lymphatic drainage it helps reduce puffiness and acne, release tension in the muscles, define facial contours and diminish the appearance of fine lines.

Facial Cupping will de-puff your face, release tension in the facial muscles and leave your skin feeling toned, firm and glowing.

Face cupping increased the circulation, softens and relaxes your face muscles. Collagen production in the skin stimulates and fluids decreases effectively!


How to use:

Step 1: 

Apply a face oil to your face to prepare your skin. We recommend using our Holistic Body Oil to give your face an extra glow. 

Step 2: 

Use dynamic circular movements. Do not let your cup be suctioned into one place. Be careful with superficial blood vessels. 



You simply press your cups together against the skin and a negative pressure is formed in the skin which affects the connective tissue in the muscles and subcutaneous tissue.

Use the 2 smallest cups, the smallest for the eye area.

Go under and on your chin, moving from the centre to the sides of your face. Repeat on your cheeks, under and above your eyes and the forehead. To finish, slide the cup down along your forehead on the sides of your face and down your neck

Recommended use: 10 minutes 1-3 times a week