Herbal scrub with essential oils

It is so simple, nice and grateful to stay in our Nordic nature, to experience all the health benefits and raw materials that naturally bring the body to life. It's a gift!

Returning to beautiful traditions such as saunas and cold baths has a detoxifying effect, provides mental relaxation and provides effective results with scientific effects. The combination of cleansing, aromatherapy and edible natural face masks stimulates blood circulation, provides a stronger immune system and a tighter skin with increased radiance.

You can make natural spa products yourself at home, take care of yourself as well as a beautiful gift to give away.

Nordic Relax Scrub:

Essential oil Nordic by Myrberg
Essential oil Relax by Myrberg
Glass jar
Dried rosemary, lavender for an extra touch

Mix salt and a few drops each of your Nordic and Relax essential oils in a glass jar that seals well. Feel free to decorate with dried flowers/herbs. 
Enjoy a combination of sauna, bath and inhale the magical scent.


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