This is how you stimulate your lymphatic system

We are daily exposed to up to 82,000 different poisons (toxins) every day! If the body somehow fails to detoxify itself, it leads to the accumulation of toxins and that in itself is an overload of toxins in the body, this in turn causes all the vital organs of the body to be stressed and not function optimally. This is where the lymphatic system comes in - as it cleans the fluids that surround the cells by eliminating impurities and other waste products, it helps cells, tissues and all organs to detoxify and function properly.

Lymph is one of the body's major cleansing organs and an important part of our immune system, which should protect us against disease and other damage. The lymphatic system is important for tissue repair and regulation/control of inflammation in the body's organs.
An insufficient flow in the lymphatic system leads to a weakened immune system and, in the worst case, tumors in the lymph nodes. Inflammation, pain, edema are usually a cry for help from the body, a signal that the body cannot handle more load.

Why do I need to support the lymph? 
The lymph fluid is viscous and moves about 300 times slower than the blood. The lymphatic system does not have its own pump and needs stimulation to circulate properly. The lymph moves mostly when we use our muscles. When the lymphatic system does not function optimal, it can cause major problems in the body. Symptoms such as heaviness in the body, swelling, aches, poor blood circulation, recurring headaches or sleep problems are some signs that may indicate a stagnant lymphatic system. 

So what do you do?

  • Movement and exercise (walks and yoga are enough) 
  • Own massage 
  • Deep breathing 
  • Dry brushing 
  • Sauna bath 
  • Cupping massage with Acu Cups*
  • Lymph massage
  • Herbs and essential oils
  • Support socks

*Acu Cups in combination with Essential Oil 
In condensed connective tissue it collects more waste products, but through the vacuum created with Acu Cups, the blood flow increases up to 70%, which increases the fluid flow and a great cleansing process begins. 

Tip! Add 2-3 drops of our DETOX essential oil - to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, lubricate the body and massage with Acu Cups, so nice and effective! Releases lactic acid and provides deep lymphatic drainage! 

Complement the cupping with a good and healthy diet, regular exercise, dry brushing and sauna baths. It is important that you drink a lot of water afterwards as the excretion of toxins in the body increases.