This is how effective Acu Cups are against cellulite and wrinkles!

Cupping comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is usually placed on the back using glass cups and fire, which creates a negative pressure, causing the skin to lift up and various points to be stimulated to draw out imbalances.

We have created a modern version of them and use them as a tool for deep lymphatic and connective tissue massage, which you can do on yourself as well as a professional massage treatment in which you can become certified.

Acu Cups are suction cups used to stimulate your skin, connective tissue and muscles. It is a very effective way to increase the circulation of blood and lymph in an area. With the help of "suction cups", negative pressure is created in the skin, which affects the connective tissue in the muscles and subcutaneous tissue. The vacuum that is formed increases blood flow and helps to transport away waste products in the connective tissue, contributes to increased stimulation of collagen formation in the skin and gives an instant "glow" to the face.


A 5 minute massage with Acu Cups is equivalent to a 30 minute sports massage – it's perfect for everyone in the family!

Use for/against:

» Face lift effect 
» Reduce wrinkles 
» Increase blood circulation 
» Remove excess fluids 
» Increase collagen production 
» Cellulite and stretch marks 
» Swollen and tingling legs 
» Muscle tension 
» Pain and aches

What to do?
Lubricate the skin first with oil, cream or lotion.
You simply press your cups against the skin and a negative pressure is created in the skin, which lifts up and affects the connective tissue in the muscles and subcutaneous tissue. In dense connective tissue, more waste products accumulate, but through the vacuum that is formed, the blood flow increases, the fluid flow increases and a cleansing process begins. Feel free to use circular movements against the lymph nodes, if it hurts, relieve the pressure by squeezing the cup.

Cupping on the body can be done once or twice a day during the first weeks and then once or twice a week. Cupping can be local to certain points or performed as a massage. The cups should not sit on the same point for more than a few seconds if they are to be used as a massage tool, to avoid bruising. On the face, they can be used as part of the cleaning routine morning and evening in connection with applying day/night cream.

Improve your cupping effect by:
Good and healthy diet, regular exercise, dry brushing and sauna.
It is important to have an extra water intake as the excretion of toxins in the body increases.

When should I avoid cupping?
Avoid cupping if you suffer from heart problems, high blood pressure, are diabetic, stroke patient, pregnant or taking blood thinners.

  • The cups should be cleaned well after each treatment with soap and water.
  • ACU CUPS set contains 4 sizes. You use the two smallest for the face and the large ones for the body.