Doftspridare till eteriska oljor Grå - Nordic Superfood by Myrberg

Scent diffuser for essential oils Gray

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Fragrance diffuser for essential oils. Spreads a pleasant scent and creates a pleasant spa atmosphere. Add 2-3 drops of essential oil

4 hours continuous mode, 8 hours intermittent mode

Use with 100% pure and natural essential oil to freshen the air (sold separately)

Timer options 60,90,120 minutes

Automatic shutdown. Ceramic lid

Soft 7 LED colors, rotating or individual

Suggested room size: up to 150 sqm (10-15m2)

Power input: DC24V, 10W

Water tank capacity: 90 ml

Product size: 9cm x 16.4cm H

Main unit Weight: 480 g

Accessories included: AC adapter, warranty card, user manual

 Complete with By Myrberg's essential oils to get the scent you want.
Linda Myrberg has for 10 years worked and developed these 7 essential oil blends with a profound effect on both body and mind. 5 of them are based on Chinese medicine and affect different meridian paths (energy paths) in the body and belong to a natural element that affects different organs and their function.