✔️ 6 tips on how to counteract dry skin

We are made up of about 60% water and did you know that there are many symptoms that can stem from something as simple as dehydration?
• A general feeling of fatigue
• Premature aging
• Weight gain
• Decreased immunity
• Poor recovery from exercise
• Increased risk of serious diseases 

A good fluid balance protects joints and bones, transports nutrients around the body and removes toxins and poisons. Regulates body temperature as well as strengthens the body's natural healing processes. In short, water keeps you young and beautiful!

Drink water
Perhaps one of the most important building blocks for hydrated skin. Drink water! Preferably two liters a day, preferably more in the summer - preferably with vitamin C from sea buckthorn or lemon in it. Your skin forms its own collagen more easily then and will be much stronger.

Moisturize the skin
Don't forget to moisturize your skin! A caring moisturizing skin cream does the trick.

Take cold showers
Hot water dries out the skin, as heat dissolves fat. Take the opportunity to take cold showers this summer, your skin will thank you for it.

Collagen Premium+
Use marine collagen to increase radiance and elasticity in the skin.

Omega3 is a polyunsaturated fat that helps the skin stay strong and hydrated. You will find plenty of Omega 3 in our Sea Buckthorn Raw Juice and give the skin an extra boost. 

Having a good skin care routine is important. Make sure to clean the skin gently every day. Impurities in the skin lead to pimples and oily skin. We also recommend that you do a peeling/scrubbing once a week to remove dead skin cells and clean the skin in depth.

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