Take care of both the inside and the outside with the BEAUTY & FITNESS PACKAGE - 5 SELECTED PRODUCTS

One of autumn's must-haves for those who like to combine health, exercise and beauty. We have put together five selected products in a package that boosts your energy, gives the skin more glow and increases the body's metabolism. A wonderful combination. You strengthen your immune system, stay healthy and strong and get more energy for training, which gives you increased energy in itself.

Collagen, which is our main protein, helps the body stay strong and flexible during exercise, reduces injuries and improves recovery. A supplement for everyone over 25 as our own production slowly begins to decline. We therefore need to replenish ourselves daily to support the body and, among other things, maintain elasticity in the skin. Collagen Premium+ comes from Norwegian wild-caught cod, where we take care of the fish skin and extract the collagen. A process and product that we are very proud of, in our opinion you get the purest collagen on the market.

Studies show the lingonberry's ability to counteract obesity, provide stable insulin production and therefore have good benefits in type 2 diabetes. Our Nordic hand-picked berries, which grow completely wild in an untouched environment, receive during their growth in the long hard winters and 24-hour sunlight during the summer, a high content of antioxidants and vitamins. Simply mix in your water bottle for a good daily vitamin water on the go or supplement your meals with a berry powder for an increased nutritional content. 

At the same time give yourself a facelift and increase blood circulation with Acu Cups, feel free to try giving yourself a beneficial massage at your next shower/bath and your new Beauty and fitness routine is complete.




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