35% increase in skin moisture after 8 weeks!

Great documented effect on the skin in clinical studies.

A clinical dermatological study was conducted in 2017 where women aged 40-55 used our product Collagen Premium+ daily for 8 weeks. This study showed a significant increase of as much as 35% in the skin's moisture after 8 weeks of using the product.

Collagen is rich in the amino acids required to create creatine – the protein found in hair and nails. Proline, an amino acid found in high amounts in marine collagen peptides, is also the major component of creatine.

In addition, collagen makes up 70% of the dermis, the middle skin layer, where the hair follicle is located. When the body becomes less able to produce collagen, it affects the overall elasticity of the dermis and the follicle's ability to retain hair.

35% increase in skin moisture after 8 weeks of using Collagen Premium+

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Love the product. Tested with skeptical curiosity, now three months ago, see a clear difference in the elasticity of the face😊 
Annelie Nordström.

Great! Best collagen powder. Tastes the least of all I've tried. Easily soluble.

Really great! This is really a good and luxurious product. Noticed a big difference, and will continue to use it!

So good! The smoothie tastes better with this!

Best for the joints. I have problems with osteoarthritis and feel that the pain goes away when I eat collagen. Can be mixed in everything.


Very good product, tasteless, works in any drink. Usually take it in my morning coffee :)