The researchers are amazed by Natural Remedy's benefits for the thyroid !


Did you know that too little iodine can be the cause of your thyroid problems? Stress and too little iodine in the diet are usually the reason.

Where is the most iodine?

Algae and seaweed contain a variety of minerals, trace elements, vitamin groups, amino acids, essential fatty acids and are a natural source of iodine.

- Iodine is responsible for the production of all the body's hormones. Most of the body's iodine is found in the thyroid.
- These hormones control the body's metabolism.
- Iodine is also important for the growth of hair, nails and teeth.
 - In a daily dose of Nordic Natural Remedy, you get the EFSA recommended daily dose of iodine.

Natural Remedy is a multifunctional health & beauty product with a documented effect. We are the first in Europe with a collagen powder compounded with a new ground-breaking tasteless algae powder and wild blue berries. Right now we offer a limited number of memberships for only SEK 399/month. Every month you get a box with 30 daily doses delivered to your home, easily and comfortably. Register now!

A unique 3-1 product that contributes to:

» Reduces wrinkle depth, reduces fine lines and cellulite
» Better nail and hair quality
» Contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and other hormones
» Can contribute to weight loss and promotes gut health
» Stess-reducing and contributes to normal cognitive function
» Counteracts aging processes by reducing oxidative stress

* Approved health claims from EFSA