Linda's best tips on how to increase your resilience!

I have some thoughts about Corona... Imagine if there is something bigger than us - a force that is now showing its muscles. Because we don't listen to mother earth's voice to reduce our environmental impact - stop traveling and consuming too much like now. Because we don't listen to take care of each other or ourselves - stress ourselves to death and forget to appreciate those closest to us...

Now it came - the slap in the face from above. Now we are not allowed to travel, must stay at home and take it easy. We clearly cannot decide to take care of the planet together - so now we are forced to look at ourselves. It is also difficult to wage war when you are in quarantine and being a criminal is not fun these days either. No one wants to assault or get close to anyone - no pepper spray needed - just a sneeze is enough. It's all about perspective - in the short term it's super annoying and absolutely awful, but in the long run we might end up with a much cleaner, happier and more humane world, where we appreciate what we have rather than taking everything for granted...

In these chaotic times, we need to strengthen our bodies so that we have resistance, even if we are hit by the coronavirus, the body takes less of a beating if it has a good immune system and strong health from the start.
I have worked for 25 years in holistic health and here I share mine
6 best health tips to keep the body strong and resilient!

1. Boost your body with vitamin C
Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and protects cells against oxidative stress. A simple and effective way to get it is from super-concentrated raw juice, packed with nutrients. Sea buckthorn is one of the strongest sources of vitamin C available!
1 teaspoon of our raw juice concentrate sea buckthorn gives you about 100 berries!
2. Wash your hands 
Wash your hands often, especially after using the toilet, handling food and if you sneeze or cough.
Be sure to wash thoroughly with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds. 
3. Strengthen your diet
What we eat has a big impact on our resilience.
Anti-oxidants are effective when they come from food because they contain fibre, which helps the body to counteract free radicals.
Our berry powders are, among other things, rich in fibre, minerals, Vitamin C, A and E.
4. Train strong 

And if you still get it, the immune system overcomes an infection faster. In one study, a group of women began exercising 45 minutes a day most days of the week. One result was that the number of colds among the women in the following year fell by more than 50 percent. 

Exercise strengthens the immune system by increasing the blood's content of natural killer cells (NK cells). These cells are an internal surveillance system that keeps track of whether viruses enter the body.


5. Maintain fluid balance
Without enough water in the body, we cannot effectively eliminate toxins and other impurities that accumulate in our bodies. If not removed, toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream and weaken our immune system.
Try to always carry a water bottle with you so you have no excuse for not drinking enough water!


6. More sauna sessions!
The heat from the sauna is seen by the body as "fever" and is part of the body's immune system. The white blood cells start working to fight the "fever" and cool down the skin with sweat. The red blood cells are also activated. Most bacteria and viruses are killed or their effectiveness is reduced at 38.5 ° C. Therefore, the heat in the sauna and steam sauna has a preventive and therapeutic effect on the lungs, throat infections, colds and bronchitis.