Why I created Natural Remedy

Many of my girlfriends suffer from thyroid issues and I wanted to find a natural remedy!

Problems with thyroid problems often come from stress and too little iodine in the diet. After a year of research, I have now finally, perhaps just found a solution that can remedy many of the problems they have, such as weight gain, lack of energy and depression, dry and wrinkled skin, cellulite, brittle nails, dry hair and poor intestinal health. I was licensed as the first brand in Europe to use a completely new algae product, which has become tasteless through a patented method, but with all nutrients intact. In each portion, there is therefore a daily dose of iodine from this algae together with marine collagen and wild blue berries.

This gives us a total of six approved health claims from the EFSA- European Food Safety Authority and I am so proud of that! You get desperate that 66% of the female population suffers from some form of these symptoms and I want to contribute with a product that makes it easy to strengthen your body from the inside via the diet from natural Nordic raw materials with documented effect. It feels meaningful and important to me to be able to make a difference."
To get the best results, use Natural Remedy every day for a minimum of 3 months.