What is acupressure and here you get 4 good points!

Part 2 of the mini-course on Holistic health


  •  Acupressure uses hand or finger pressure instead of needles.

  • Acupressure is good for home treatment

  • It's easy to do to yourself and others

  • Technique:
    Once you've found the point you want to influence, it's important to use both your intuition and your common sense when it comes to what pressure to apply.

    To achieve an effect or pain relief in an area, you first gently press on the points for approx. 25-30 seconds, slowly increasing pressure until firm.

    This pressure should be held between 2-3 minutes and then release it slowly and carefully.

Here, in my YouTube channel, I show 4 good points for pain relief, migraines, stress and hormone imbalance. ( yes and next time I will wait for the phone..;-)