What is the difference between multivitamins and natural foods?

Multivitamins is in pill form. The majority of the vitamins sold on the Nordic market are synthetically produced, although it is possible to produce completely natural vitamin supplements. For example, producing artificial ascorbic acid, which provides vitamin C, is both easier and cheaper chemically than extracting natural vitamins. Taking too many multivitamins can have harmful effects. Multivitamins are ineffective and at worst harmful. Now the researchers behind three new studies are calling for a boycott. The researchers have investigated the effect of vitamins and minerals in the form of dietary supplements and the results from three new studies show that the preparations have no positive health effects. The Swedish Food Agency, which forms the dietary advice in Sweden, also believes that dietary supplements are unnecessary. 

Nordic Superfood's products come from natural foods, and are not artificially prepared as other vitamin sources often are. Completely free of sugar and other unnecessary additives and available in both powder and liquid form. 
In the Nordic forest, the berries grow in a wild pristine environment. These are handpicked and rawfood dried below 42 degrees to preserve the vital nutrients. The combination of the long, harsh winters and 24-hour sunlight during the summer fills the berry plants with extra antioxidants and vitamins. Nordic forests produce an abundance of nutrients and tasty berries, and they contain extra antioxidants and vitamins.
1 teaspoon of berry powder is equal to 100 berries
1 teaspoon of berry raw juice equals 100 berries

1 teaspoon of plant powder is equal to 2.5 kg of green