YOUR FEELING... how important is it?

Oxytocin is the body's feel-good hormone, which is produced by touch and high temperature. It reduces stress and calms you as it is an antagonist to the stress hormone cortisol. Daily stroking over your skin, taking a dip and feeling the touch of the water and then anointing yourself, is a fantastic way to get into a good mood and provides mental relaxation...


Make the skin soft and supple by lubricating it with beneficent oils that moisturize. The skin is your largest organ and by dry brushing 2 times a week, you help the body get rid of waste products and make the skin look rosy and healthy. After a shower with alternating hot and cold water, anoint yourself with nourishing body oil that protects and provides nourishment.

Choose with Holistic Body Oil Relax, Detox, Energy or Ground as you like found here