The sense of smell - lives its own life

THE SENSE OF SCENT is the sense organ that cannot be controlled by your brain. Scent molecules go "under the radar" past the cerebrum, to the cerebellum and the limbic system, where the centers for emotions and memory are also located. That is why we are so strongly affected even in the most subtle doses, where we are not even aware of the scent's presence.

Fragrances can therefore be used as therapy (aromatherapy) where, through the aromatic scents of flowers and plants, you can achieve an emotional impact and effect based on the need you have. Fragrances can calm, invigorate, strengthen, ground, etc.

TIPS! Perfume your day with an essential oil based on your needs.

Fill a scent lamp or put a few drops of essential oil in some water and wring out a towel. Dry your skin with the damp towel. Sit for a few minutes and just breathe deeply in the beneficial oils and feel how the body relaxes and brings harmony.

Choose from our 7 unique fragrance blends of essential oils: detox, relax, energy, strength, ground, nordic and sex oil.

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