Advantages of dry brushing

Dry brushing is one of the best things you can do to stimulate your lymph and only takes five minutes. It immediately gives softer skin with more radiance.

Here you can read about how to dry brush correctly!

» Removes the dead skin cells

» Stimulates blood circulation

» The skin "breathes" better

» Good for edema, loose skin and cellulite

» Counteracts fatigue and stress


Do this:

1. Start brushing from the feet upwards with the legs, knees, thighs and buttocks. Always pull in short strokes in an upward direction towards the heart. Brush the same area several times and feel free to overlap so as not to miss an area. Add extra power to areas with cellulite. Then brush further on the stomach with circular movements from right to left and the same over the chest. Then continue with the arms in short straight strokes still towards the heart followed by the back and shoulders. 

2. Be careful over your stomach and chest where you are more sensitive than your legs and arms. 

3. When you have finished brushing your body, you can shower and lubricate yourself with a natural vegetable oil. We love coconut oil! Alternate between cold and hot showers. Finish with cold to tighten the pores and get the last adrenaline kick!
4. Finish with a large glass of water with sea buckthorn and collagen in it.