Do you know your lymph and what it does for your skin?

Lymph is often called the forgotten body system because most people have never heard of it. If you have heard of the lymphatic system, it is usually in rather boring contexts with cancer and that the lymphatic system has been damaged.

 Lymph is one of the body's major cleansing organs and an important part of our immune system, which should protect us against disease and other damage. Our lymph nodes are located in smart places, which are stimulated when we walk, e.g. the neck, armpits and in the groin, these places are especially stimulated when we move. In short, when the muscles contract and relax, the lymph nodes are also compressed and stimulated, you could say that the muscles are the heart or pump of the lymphatic system.

An underactive lymph can cause skin problems such as dry skin, impure skin, rashes, cellulite, etc. In the next couple of days you will find out what you can do to stimulate your lymph as best as possible!

The purpose of the lymph:

» Eliminates viruses and bacteria in our bodies.

» The immune system  helps us fight infections.

» Transport around substances such as cells, proteins and waste products in the body and the cells called lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cell.

» The lymph removes toxins and excess bag from the body cells.