Give yourself a stress-free Christmas

 For many, December and Christmas time are the time when you prioritize yourself and your training the least, with the consequence that you lose even more energy and the risk of getting sick increases. In fact, this may be the time when you really need to shore up all the stress of "everything that has to be done before Christmas" with an everyday moment for yourself!

It is actually the case that exercise prevents stress, in several different ways because when you steer or when you exercise, the amount of adrenaline and cortisol in the body increases. After you have exercised, the stress system relaxes again in your body and the secretion of stress hormones decreases. Exercise thus "burns" stress hormones.

Regular exercise is positive for sleep for most people. Sleep is important to avoid and recover from stress.

So there are many reasons to keep exercising, and let it be part of everyday life, perhaps especially important in stressful times. 

The biggest reason for many to skip training is precisely that it becomes too complicated, you have to book a session at a gym and then you have to get there and home, and suddenly you've put in two hours and it can be time you don't always have have. So the best tip we can give is to just get out there, a good podcast or music in your ears and take a brisk walk/jog for 30-45 min! Effective and no frills, and you get fresh air and hopefully some natural vitamin D too!


So in the midst of all the Christmas stress, take and invest in a moment for YOU where you get to move and feel good, you'll get it back a hundred times over!