Kick start autumn with a detox!

Kick start autumn with Easy Detox!

Do you feel that your body needs a restart before the autumn challenges?
Detoxing helps you strengthen your immune system, clear out toxins, become healthier and have more beautiful and cleaner skin. A Detox regimen can be what the body needs to get back into balance. With the Easy Detox box, you have everything you need to really "detox" the body in a gentle and actually really tasty way!

"Giving the body a real boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the form of the most uncomplicated products can be your best investment in yourself this autumn"

Why Easy Detox?
A short period of detox can help you break negative habits and make it easier to eat healthier. It is a good way to cleanse the body off sugar, which easily creates an addiction in the body, which makes it much easier to eat healthier after a course than before. Most people feel much less sugar cravings after a course and it is much easier to choose healthier options and stop snacking.

When you detox, you clean out excess waste products from the cells via lymph, skin, breathing, urine and feces. If we continuously expose our bodies to a lot of industrial food or other processed food, fast calories, toxins and pollution, it becomes difficult for the cells to get rid of the waste products. They are not detoxified properly and the body is littered. This "garbage of the body" increases the risk of getting sick.
Illness is ultimately a reaction to overload in the system, to inflammation and inhibited energy flow.

Easy Detox Box
The box contains products for, for example, two three-day fasts a month
x three months for two people! Then you also have a lot of products left to use when your detox is over, to incorporate your new good habits into everyday life.