Take time to unwind during the holidays

Take time to unwind during the holidays

Are you also bombarded right now by flyers about how to get in shape and the like during the holidays? It can certainly be a great time for many to focus on exercise and health, but can also become another stress factor and then only increase the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) and thus the exercise only has a negative effect. It is easy to actually become more stressed during the holidays, a lot of expectations, trips, children around you all the time, dinners to be arranged, thoughts about the appearance of the body and the performance requirements increase as the weather may not be perfect... PUHHH!

Get into a very good habit that can make a big difference to your health and stress level.
- Did you know that 70% of your energy comes from your breathing, if you don't breathe deeply for a whole day, the body misses 5,000 liters of oxygenated blood - a day! Imagine 5,000 milk packets with oxygenated blood that your organs must have in order to function optimally!

You can do this exercise anywhere
Make sure you step away from the mess for 10 minutes every day.
Sit or lie comfortably. This is YOUR luxury therapy, alone time for the soul and mind that also needs a little vacation.
Focus on your breath
Take deep breaths, breathing in through the nose and counting to 3 and breathing out through the nose and counting to 6.
Think of something you're grateful for and something you're looking forward to.
Place your hands on your stomach so that you feel it lower and rise, not your upper chest.
In addition to this, go for long walks by the water or in the forest 3 times a week.
Did you know that just walking can add years to your lifespan and keep your brain young and healthy?

Facts Cortisol & adrenal glands
The adrenal glands have several tasks, one of which is to produce enough of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is released during stress, when we eat things that increase our blood sugar, when we exercise and when we wake up in the morning. Cortisol also keeps inflammation down and controls bowel movements. With long-term stress and excessive release of the stress hormone cortisol, we strain the function of the adrenal glands, and eventually they can no longer release the required amounts of cortisol. At this stage, we often have difficulty waking up in the morning, are tired in the morning, are tired in the afternoon and/or are alert in the evening. We also have a poorer ability to cope with inflammation, and if inflammation occurs in the body, cortisol needs to be supplied from the outside as cortisone, as we are unable to release enough on our own.

Aromatherapy to help our organs
Essential oils are both fragrance and function and have been used since the beginnning of time to create perfumes and for their natural medicinal effects. You mix them yourself in neutral body oil, in a sauna, in the bath or in an aroma lamp.
Essential oils are extracted from the leaves of a flower, the peel of a fruit or other plant parts and are packed with healing energy and give the plant its fragrance, as well as protect the plant against attack by bacteria and fungi.
100% genuine essential oil blends for optimal effect!