The truth about collagen - Bovine vs Marine?

There are many types of collagen and it is important to be critical of the different ways it is produced and to the price picture, we think.

Most collagen brands on the market today are Bovine (from cow) or pig/chicken. In other words, it is slaughterhouse waste where you grind down hooves and other bone remains. This is the cheapest form of collagen because the meat industry is huge and the supply is great. Then there is a better option – Marine collagen and there are 2 different sources for this, wild caught or farmed fish. Fish are farmed in huge pools, where many thousands of fish fight for space. They are given large amounts of antibiotics to avoid plague or disease and most fish collagen farms are in Asia.

Our collagen Collagen Premium+ comes from wild-caught cod, which is caught in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Norway. It is a by-product from already caught fish, which means we do not contribute to more fishing. That's why many vegans actually use our collagen, because we don't participate and contribute to the fish being caught. We use the skin from the fishes, which would otherwise go to waste.
Collagen Premium+ is an actively better choice for the environment!